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    Lead Your Community

    The South Carolina Forward Party is looking for people to step up and lead Forward in local communities all across the state. Right now, that means we're looking for leaders who want to:

    • Run for elective office in local or municipal races or help us identify those who should
    • Help us identify vacant seats or unopposed races in your town, city or county 
    • Join the SC statewide team in one of the following areas:
      • Branding & communication
      • Community organizing
      • Policy facilitation
      • Partnerships
      • Fundraising
    • Host events in your local community
    • Lead your county
    • Lead your city or town
    • Become a canvassing captain
    • Volunteer to help collect signatures

    Interested? Fill out the form on this page, checking the boxes of all those areas that interest you, and you'll hear from our team shortly. Thank you so much for your excitement and passion for Forward SC! We're glad you're here.

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