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But wait a minute… third parties have come and gone because they are typically seen as “spoilers” and/or they can’t compete with the Republicans and Democrats.

That’s why we are maniacally focused on a basket of electoral changes that offer voters more choice and a real voice like instant runoff voting, independent redistricting commissions, term limits, campaign finance reform.


We know that right now more Americans identify as Independent than Republicans and Democrats combined. But Independents are discounted by the media and the major parties. We are a big-tent political home for people—all people—who feel disenfranchised, unheard, taken for granted, uncomfortable and totally exhausted by the toxic atmosphere created by the “Political Industrial complex” in America. The major parties have gamed the system to eliminate competition for so long that voters only have the illusion of choice. That’s why Congress has an approval rating around 20% yet 92% of incumbents get re-elected.  So voter turnout is low and people have lost trust in their government. If that strikes a chord in your gut then we are the party for you.

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