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The New Party, Operating under the Forward Name, Will Restore Trust in the Electoral Process with a Focus on Local Elections, Systemic Election Changes, and Candidate Quality



Charleston, South Carolina – Leaders of the South Carolina Independence Party and the Forward Party stood shoulder to shoulder in Charleston on Wednesday to announce they were merging to broaden the political choices available to South Carolina voters.

Wayne Griffin, chair of the SC Independence Party, and Clint Eisenhauer, who leads the Forward Party of South Carolina, made the announcement alongside Christine Todd Whitman, two-term former Governor of NJ, former EPA Administrator, and co-founder of the national Forward Party.

In her remarks, Whitman pointed out that recent surveys showed the public unexcited about either the Democratic or Republican parties. 

“There are now more people who identify as independents than Republicans and Democrats combined. A Pew survey showed that over 70% of Americans are interested in a new party, and over half of young voters are strongly in favor of one. These voters are feeling politically homeless because they don’t identify with either of the current national parties, both of which have moved so far to the extremes. The focus of the Forward Party is to elevate candidates and leaders who are looking to work together to solve our problems, and to innovate instead of adhering to party litmus tests” Whitman said.

Griffin, who has chaired the SC Independence Party for the past three decades and is a former Greer City Council member, expressed excitement over the merger.

“I was drawn to independent politics in the 1980s when I began to see the need for new options. I was further energized when my daughters were coming of age and told me that they didn't feel at home with either of the major parties. The Independence Party has advocated for political reform, and fought for the full inclusion of independent voters and for bringing new options to all communities, including the African American community. With this merger, we will be able to have a magnified impact on issues important to all South Carolinians,” he said.

SC Forward Party leader Clint Eisenhauer echoed Griffin’s comments.

“This merger is natural because of the values the Independence Party and Forward share. We’re focused on local and municipal elections that decide most of the kitchen-table issues affecting the lives of South Carolinians. Politics at every level is failing us, and the system of choosing candidates, voting for candidates, and organizing elections is badly in need of an overhaul. Our focus in the near term is to advocate for a basket of electoral reforms including instant runoff voting, voter ID, independent redistricting commissions, term limits, and campaign finance reform. We’re organized in about a third of SC counties now, with more on the way.”

The Forward Party is bringing moderates, conservatives, and progressives together to heal our political divisions, find our shared ground, and create a brighter future for America. Forward Party candidates are accountable to the voters, and they will focus on solutions, not partisan fighting, in order to serve their constituents better.


For more information about the Forward Party, please read through our Prospectus and Q3 Fact Sheet.



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