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Our Priorities

South Carolinians are hungry for a new kind of politics. 

One that leaves behind the distractions, division, and dysfunction of our current two-party system - and gets things done! 

As we think about our priorities in South Carolina, and across the nation, we are rallied around three big principles: Free People, Thriving Communities, and Vibrant Democracy. To make these big ideas a reality for all, we must pioneer a new way forward. Our new way forward is based on the refreshingly simple premise that every problem has a solution most South Carolinians can support (yes, really). 

Unlike other parties, Forward believes solutions to problems should start with the people on the ground who are closest to them. We are not a national party that dictates ideology or policy positions on states or candidates. In fact, when it comes to specific party policy, we give the power to the people where it belongs:

National - Sets principles

States - Set priorities

Candidates - Take positions on policies

Voters - Choose policies via the candidate who best represents their interests

Please click through each of the principles below to read more about Forward South Carolina's priorities for 2023.