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Free People

At Forward South Carolina, we are working to revitalize a culture that celebrates our differences and individual choice, rejects hate, and removes barriers so that each of us can rise to our full potential.

Three of the main priorities driving our Free People principle in 2023 include:

1. Protecting Our Kids

We believe the promise of freedom cannot be kept in a society where consistent threats to children's health and safety are prevalent and growing. 

We believe our legislators need to prioritize our children, and all people of South Carolina over party interests in order to pass reasonable legislation to measurably reduce gun violence, eliminate the fentanyl crisis, and address mental health. 

We believe common sense, widely-acceptable solutions to these problems exist, but can only be found if legislators are willing to work together and find common ground.  

2. Protecting Our Autonomy

We believe the promise of liberty is lost in a society that does not value the right to autonomy and self-determination.

We believe the 'culture wars' that are plaguing our politics are not fought between everyday South Carolinians, only between the extremely partisan politicians, corporations, and donors who represent a very small percentage of our society.

We believe our legislators must prioritize their constituents, unity, and the promise of liberty over party or religious ideology to limit governmental overreach and give control over very personal choices back to the people and the professionals entrusted with their care.

3. Protecting Our Potential

We believe all South Carolinians deserve the opportunity to make good on the promise of the American Dream. 

We believe the diversity of our state, like the diversity of our country, makes us wholly better, smarter, and stronger, and it must be justly honored and utilized to reach our greatest potential.

We believe our legislators must lead by example in recognizing and rebuking hate and discrimination in all forms by prioritizing equal protection, representation, and opportunity for all, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or mental/physical ability.

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